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Scotland for Animals is a registered charity promoting animal rights and welfare and is Scotland's leading grassroots animal campaigns organisation. We believe that the power to help animals lies with 'ordinary' people — you and me. We aren't hippies or bunnyhuggers, just folk who believe all animals have the right to a better life.

We campaign at a local level and include the community directly. We are staffed entirely by volunteers and put all resources directly into campaigning in Scotland. SfA feel that it's important to not only tackle the trendy or easy issues but to take on all areas where animals are abused. For example, we are leading the UK campaign against halal and kosher slaughter. From vivisection to factory farming, from circuses to slaughterhouses, we're working hard to bring about change.

By making very small changes to your life you can make a HUGE difference to animal welfare. Subscribe to our bulletins and news updates for information on how you can become part of the move for change.

Scotland's animals can't speak for themselves, we're the only chance they have for justice so let's speak for them. Join with us and together we can win a cruelty-fee Scotland. Please support us — a Scottish charity. Many animal welfare organisations take funds from Scotland’s citizens but they do absolutely no work up here, nor do they have a clue as to how our Parliamentary system works.

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