Above: Beagles being flown to Charles River laboratories, Edinburgh to be experimented on and killed



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Scotland for Animals are calling on the Scottish Government and MSPs to act now to end the torture and killing of animals in labs all over the country.


the UK Government have admitted that no assessment of the benfits of using animals in experiments has been made. With the huge amount of evidence that these methods are hindering medical progress and putting lives in danger we're demanding that MSPs and Scottish Govt. Ministers implement an independent inquiry into the situation now and start funding non-animal research.


we need your help


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Scotland could be a world leader in this field which would benfit our economy, our communities, our health and create much needed jobs.


Join the growing number of scientists and medical professionals calling for an end to vivisection.


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Re: Animals/ research

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am aware that the Airline Lufthansa have now pledged to discontinue their shipping of dogs and cats for use in research experiments worldwide after having been exposed transporting a cargo of live dogs destined for Charles River Labs, East Lothian for to be used then killed in commercial experimentation.

Almost 560, 000 animals meet this fate in Scotland annually and i would appreciate if you could please tell me if you intend as a Parliamentary Member to actively pursue a plan of action to tackle this situation as opposed to passively supporting the '3r's' or the status quo.


I note that when this issue has been raised previously the Scottish Parliament has refused to discuss or deal with the matter stating that "it is not a devolved issue". I have learned that issues outside the jusrisdiction of the Scottish Parliament are regularly debated on and action taken by Ministers and MSPs, i ask that you treat this important issue no differently. I am also aware that MSP's regularly engage in correspondence regarding issues with members of the public and organisations outside their constituency so would also ask that you bear this in mind when cosnidering your reply.


In previous correspondence and statements from elected members and Scottish officials it has been claimed that the use of animals in research is "vital" in the battle against illness and disease. There is a huge amount of scientific evidence that this is not the case, that animal research is hindering the discovery of cures and treatments and that public health is being jeopardised by its continued use. This is being backed by many of the worlds leading researchers and medical experts.

I would be grateful if you could please give me your views and tell me if you intend to take action regarding this matter including if you will support the charity Scotland for animals' call for an official and independent inquiry into the use of animals for research in scotland. Please contact them if you require any Data or further information.


I also wish to add that i will not vote for any candidates who support animal experimentation or who are unwilling to actively campaign for the implementation of non-animal research and will be encouraging others to do the same.

I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully



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