The sale of exotic meat is on the rise across Scotland and the UK



Animals are slaughtered on a massive scale to feed the demand for exotic meat, often in conditions where no animal welfare regulations apply.  Major supermarkets have withdrawn exotic meat from sale, however it is becoming increasingly available through restaurants and shops.  




Kangaroos shot and gutted for meat/ leather




– Kangaroo meat is the product of one of the largest slaughter of land animals in history.  These animals are cruelly hunted down in Australia, shot (sometimes incorrectly so that a slow, painful death follows), their legs sliced open and then nailed to a post for transportation.  If the female happens to be carrying a baby, these are discarded or brutally killed.  5.5million kangaroos were killed in 2001 for their meat and skin.  This is the official figure – in reality, to include non-commercial and illegal kills, road-kills and baby kangaroos that die as a result of their mother’s death, the figure is nearer 10million.  





– According to the Council of Europe, ostrich are “not domesticated but are still principally wild animals and are extremely susceptible to stress”.  Abnormal behaviour is frequently seen in farmed ostriches, due to inappropriate living conditions.  When being transported for slaughter their heads are covered with a hood, adding to their fear and confusion.  They are slaughtered by means designed for other types of animals, which leads to inadequate stunning and agony as they are killed. 




Increasingly crocodiles are taken from the wild for captive breeding purposes.  They are then confined in an unnatural habitat for the rest of their lives in cramped, disease ridden conditions.




Crocodiles battery farmed for slaughter





  • Zebras – slaughtered in their thousands for the UK market. 
  • Snakes – farmed and often skinned alive. 
  • Antelope – farmed and shot on mass. 

Monkey meat is also increasingly being discovered in restaurants and butchers across the UK



People are fighting hard to protect these animals in their natural habitats, now others want to factory farm and slaughter them for cash. Things are bad enough for animals right now without this.

Action – 



  • Don’t purchase exotic meat and ask others to do the same


  • Let us know of any restaurant or shop that sells exotic meat; ask them to stop supporting the trade


  • Get in touch and order our exotic meat leaflet for your workplace, Library, School, etc.


  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues









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