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Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary- Mainly horses and ponies, but other animals too. Deesside, Aberdeenshire.

Willows - Domestic and farm animals. Fraserburgh

Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary Shetland

Scottish Borders Donkey Sanctuary

Glendrick Roost - Various animals. Fintry, Stirlingshire.

Mossburn - Also have tea room.   Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire. 

The New Arc - Take on any and all animals, with the aim to rescue, rehabilitate and eventually rehome or release. Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

Allandale Animal Sanctuary (no website) - Home for 40 dogs, 30 cats, rodents, rabbits, ferrets etc. Lanark.  Tel: 01501 823860 
Animal Ark Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rehoming Centre (no website) - Boarders accepted. animal.ark44@gmail.com.   Inverness. 

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

Mountains Animal Sanctuary- Forfar

Lanarkshire Small Animal Rescue Centre

Paws Here - No-kill rabbit and rodent rescue. Edinburgh.




Rebecca Scott Illustration -  Exquisite animal illustrations by one of our supporters. She takes commissions for her work. Highly recommended.  




RSPB Scotland, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Promotes conservation of birds, wildlife and Scottish birds eg black grouse

The Soc - Birdwatching club  

Scottish Seabird Centre - North Berwick

Birnie Bird Rescue -Voluntary rescue & sanctuary for unwanted pet birds or injured wild birds. Moray. 01343 860383 Email wiggly@btinternet.com   

 Island Parrot Sanctuary, Argyll



List of cat rescue centres in Scotland  



There are way too many great companies out there, but these are just a few of the more interesting ones.

Vegan Sporrans

Bourgeois Boheme- Faux leather items

Ballet and dance shoes

Italian shoes

Upmarket bags



Dogs Trust - Rehoming centres

German Shepherd Rescue Scotland 

Staffie Rescue Scotland

Staffy Campaign

Oldies Club - Helping older dogs find forever homes

Lost Dogs Scotland 

Scottish places that welcome dogs(our doggy page a bit more thorough for some areas though) 

 (see also Greyhounds below)

Give a Dog a Bone - uniting elderly dogs with elderly people



Vegan Erotica

Vegan condoms

Sensual Vegan 

Wolf Princess - Vegan costumes and fetish accoutrements

Vegan Vampire Kink and Fetish



Our European Alliance to get CCTV into slaughterhouses

CIWF Compassion in World Farming - Campaigning to end the factory farming of animals and long distance transport.

 Homes4Hens - Dumfries. Rehoming hens in central belt of Scotland.

British Hen Welfare Trust



Vegan Fitness Software

Jai Lifestyle  - Ultraman. Running, cycling and swimming many miles over about 4 days. He's vegan but from a health point of view.

No Meat Athlete

Vegan Body Building

Vegan Fitness



Veggie Wines and alcohol list

'How it all Vegan' and 'The Garden of Vegan' are very stylish, retro, girlie vegan cookbooks. http://www.govegan.net/

World's largest list of veg recipes

Caribbean food



Cats In Sinks




The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade




Rescue Ink - Will stop at nothing within the bounds of the law to protect animals

Andrew O'Neill - Vegan, transvestite, metalhead comedian



Pinups for Pups

Vegan Vixens

Fitness Model Nadja Scantamburlo

Bettina May- Burlesque performer

Tina Warren- Burlesque impresario




Thousands of racing greyhounds each year are abandoned or disposed of

GAGAH Give a Greyhound a Home

Greyhound Action Scotland - campaign group established to raise awareness of the plight of the racing greyhound with an ultimate aim for a total ban on greyhound racing in Scotland 





Glasgow Hunt Sabs  glasgowhuntsab@gmail.com

Kill Hunting 

South Scotland Hunt Sabs - Dumfries, Scottish Borders, North England 



Pet Blood Bank

JBF Scotland - Scottish based organisation that helps relieve the suffering of many of Delhi's cows and buffalo.  

Anti fireworks

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare - Science in the service of animal welfare

SSPCA Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals

PDSA, People's Dispensary for Sick Animals helps those on low incomes to pay for vets

Animal Concern General animal welfare in Scotland

Pet Fostering Service Scotland

Pet Crematorium - We have first-hand knowledge that they offer a very sensitive service.  It costs 82.80 to have a cat cremated for example - this means the pet is cremated on its own so you get only its ashes back, not ashes mixed with others.

(NB the address is wrong on that site).  01698 888 500. Larkhall.

Central Pet Cremations, Falkirk

Animal Reiki

Animals Asia Support Group - Glasgow. mail  silke@glasgowaafsupport.org.uk

Therapet - Pets as therapy. 

Humane Wildlife Solutions- Humane, non-lethal "Pest" control

Liberation - animal rights Magazine




Pet Search West Lothian

Lost Ur Pet Ayrshire

Lost Dogs Scotland




Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust

Community of Arran Seabed Trust

Shellfish Network - Increasing public awareness about shellfish and issues of cruelty.

Adopt a Dolphin

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society - Moray Firth

Crustastun - a fantastic device for chefs that kills shellfish much more humanely

Seal Scotland - saving seals from being killed





Highland Red Squirrels

Squirrelweb- Scottish squirrel survey





A list of 101 of the most interesting sites dedicated to healthy Vegan eating and holistic nutrition . Ihttp://holisticnutritiondegree.org/vegan/

Vegetarian for Life - Promotes vegetarian and vegan lifestyles in seniors' care homes.

Highland Veggies and Vegans 

Vegan Family House

Vegan Prisoners Support Group 

Vegetarian Society

Vegan Society

To Happy Vegans

Post Punk Kitchen - Vegan 

Veggie Pets- Vegetarian and vegan animal foods

VIVA  vegetarian group

Ethical Voice for Animals - Edinburgh

Vegetarian places in Glasgow






Dr Hadwen Trust - Medical research charity funding exclusively non-animal techniques

National Anti Vivisection Society

Nurses Movement for Responsible Medicine

Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine

Safer Medicines Campaign - independent patient safety organisation of doctors and scientists whose concern is whether animal testing, today, is more harmful than helpful to public health and safety. 




Scottish Wildcat Association- Dedicated to protecting and conserving Britain's only remaining wild feline 

IOSF International Otter Survival Fund - Based in Isle of Skye

Scottish Badgers- Protecting Scotland's badgers, their setts and habitat.

Scottish Wildlife Trust

Highland Wildlife Hospital Trust Save Our Seals Fund

Butterfly Conservation 

Butterfly Conservation - Glasgow and SW Scotland

Orkney Seal Rescue 

Bumble Bee Conservation Trust - Stirling

Banffshire Wildlife Rehabilitation Trust - Banff. Tel: 01261 6262 

Buglife Scotland



















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