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Here is a list of vegetarian and vegan food you can buy at fast food places.


Have left out some obvious stuff like many drinks, vegetables, etc.


Anything on the vegan list can be eaten by vegetarians.


If you have an allergy or would feel appalled if you ever mistakenly ate any dairy or meat, then we do strongly advise that you still double check with the server when you order. Menus and ingredients constantly change, and our own efforts to produce this list are not infallible.


Another thing to beware of if you're very keen to avoid animal fats - is that some foods don't have animal ingredients but they are cooked in the same fat as animal products. But they get away with saying that they are vegetarian.  Ask at the point of purchase.


If you would like to make any comments or amendments to this list please email



hot chocolate is NOT vegan.





They say "Unfortunately our Vegetarian food is not suitable for Vegans."



Fries - all sizes

Kids bean burger - states it's veggie but with no milk and eggs. Yet the adult does have milk and egg

BK Fresh Apple Fries

Garden Salad

Garden Salad

Ketchup sachet, Sweet Chilli sauce dip pot, BBQ sauce dip pot, French dressing sachet,

Mini pancakes with maple syrup

BK Veggie Bean Burger - and Kids version.

BK Fresh Apple Fries

Honey & mustard dressing sachet

All desserts

All drinks except Fanta





Sea salt crisps

fruit salad

red pepper penne pasta

bread roll for soup

fruit juices and fruit boosters

Cappuccino or Latte if made with soya milk

Hot Chocolate, Mint Hot Chocolate or Mocha if made with soya milk (no cream or chocolate sprinkles) (white hot choc is NOT vegan)

Frappe Latte & Frappe Milkshake if made with soya milk – BUT DO NOT USE FRAPPE POWDER



hot chocolate is NOT vegan





Ciabatta bread

BBQ sauce

Garlic and parsley spread

Sundried tomato and garlic sauce

Tomato sauce

Tortilla chips

Potato wedges

Bbq dip, Sweet chilli dip, Hot sauce

Chocolate dip



Pizza bases

Liquid cheese

Tikka Masala Sauce

Chilli cheese

Mozarella cheese and mozzarella cheese delight

Garlic pizza bread


Garlic and herb dip

Honey and mustard dip

All desserts

Vegi supreme sub









Cheese and onion pasties.  They say "All our savouries are baked off fresh each day in the shops using the same ovens, display cabinets and equipment so although they are made from vegetarian ingredients we do not claim that they meet all the requirements necessary to conform to the vegetarian society standards."


They haven’t said if their sweet goods are vegetarian and I can't establish that with them.






Low Fat Vinaigrette Dressing - vegan

BBQ Beans vegan



(fries are not vegetarian)

Caesar Dressing - milk eggs

Fries - may contain milk or eggs

Coleslaw - eggs

Corn Cobette - milk

Gravy - milk and egg

Desserts - they couldn't tell me exactly what was in them, but their list of ingredients were vague. So I don't know if they are vegetarian. Certainly not vegan.

Avalanche - milk

Yoghurts - milk





They have a list of what contains milk and eggs but it doesn't confirm if it has animal fats. Despite repeated queries for a list of what is vegetarian and vegan they haven't done so.  I can't therefore recommend anything from their menu.






pizza base, oil and sauce

Noci, olives marinate, rustica tomatoes, side salad,

Caffe Reale - ask for it without the mascarpone

Baked dough balls - ask to replace butter with garlic or chilli oil



They say "All our menu items that are suitable for vegetarians are marked on the menu with a 'V' symbol". 


semplice, tricolour, garlic bread, garlic bread with mozzarella, baked dough balls, bruschetta, bruschetta con funghi, mozzarella and tomato salad, mixed salad,

Crostini al Pomodoro - Can be suitable for vegetarians if served without grana adano.

Canelloni and Melanzane Parmigiana - can be made vegetarian Can be suitable for

vegetarians if served without grana padano.

Campo di Fiori Romana, Margherita Leggera, verdure, margherita, zucchini e funghi, veneziana, padana, funghi di bosco, Giardiniera,

Desserts - all are vegetarian EXCEPT cannolo, Caffe Merenghina

Kids - everything vegetarian except Kids Bolognese and Kids Carbonara






Starters and sides:  mixed olives, potato wedges, sweet chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, side salad, garden salad with vinaigrette

Arrabiatta pasta,

Pan pizza base, Italian Pizza base, Tuscani pizza base, Plus pizza sauce, Pizza Mia (delivery only).

Pizza toppings: BBQ sauce

Salad station: beetroot and carrot with balsamic vinaigrette. Cous cous. Perl Perl Cous Cous. Vegetables. Large salad croutons. Tortilla chips. Dried fruit mix. Breadsticks. (Not sunflower seeds - don't ask me why).

Dressings and dips: low fat vinaigrette. Mexican salsa. Houmous. Garlic and chilli dipping oil. Lemon infused oil. Extra virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar/with Italian herbs.

Desserts: Chilly Billy Lolly.



Their cheese is vegetarian.






They say "Soya milk is now available in all of our shops. If it's not in your local Pret, have a word with the manager."






Egg Florentine bloomer

Naked avocado bloomer

Egg salad sandwich

Edam salad sandwich

Free-range egg mayo sandwich

Kids cheese sandwich

Mature cheddar and pret pickle

Moroccan falafel salad sandwich

Mediterranean bloomer sandwich

Asparagus and egg mayo

Goats cheese and roasted beetroot


Hot and cold wraps


Chargrilled vegetable masala

Falafel and halloumi

Avocado and herb wrap

Humous salad wrap




Baguettes and toasties


Brie, tomato and basil

Posh cheddar and pickle on artisan baguette

Mozzarella and pesto on artisan baguette

Halloumi and red pepper

Italian mozzarella and pesto



Free-range egg mayo and tomato breakfast

Superfood salad

Veggie sushi


All baked goods are suitable for vegetarians except for, ham, cheese and smoked bacon croissant

All pret pots, puddings and fruit are suitable for vegetarians

All crisps and snacks are suitable for vegetarians

All cakes and slices are suitable for vegetarians

All hot and cold drinks are suitable for vegetarians





Edamame beans

Asian dressing

French dressing

Superfood salad

Soup baguette



Mango and lime

Fruit salad


Superfruit bowl

Tropical fruit sticks

Chocolate rice cakes

 Sea salt crisps

Sea salt and cider vinegar crisps

Naked nuts

Pret a mango

Sea salt dark chocolate

Topcorn salted, salt and sweet & wasabi



Lentil and coconut curry

Mexican chili with a hint of chocolate

Smokey root veg



All cold drinks are vegan except for:

Do not drink Pink lemonade or Pret pure still mango and passion fruit


All hot drinks should be checked when ordering since replacing milk with soy doesnt always mean a vegan drink.









All sweet foods are suitable for vegetarians expect for:

Do not eat marshmallow twizzles or rocky road


All muffins are suitable for vegetarians

All pastries are suitable for vegetarians

All porridge, fruits and yoghurts are suitable for vegetarians

All condiments/toppings are suitable for vegetarians


Salads and sandwiches

Cheese and marmite Panini

Cheddar and mushroom croissant

Italian mozzarella and slow roast tomato Panini

Free-range egg mayo

Falafel mezze


All small packaged foods are suitable for vegetarians





Porridge (soy)

Fruit salad

Fair-trade banana

Very berry compote

Dried fruit


After coffee mints

Popchips (salt, original)

Popchips (salt and vinegar)






Italian White bread

Wheat bread

Hearty Italian bread


Marinara Sauce, Teriyaki glaze, BBQ sauce, sweet chilli, hot chilli,



They say their cheese is vegetarian

Veggie Patty

Egg omelette is free range

Chipotle South West Sauce

Honey mustard

Sweet onion sauce

Lite mayonnaise

Ranch dressing

Caesar, 1000 island,

All sweet baked goods





Watch out for things like 'vegetables'  and 'onion rings' that you might assume are vegan - they aren't. 

Side salad without creamy dressing


hash browns

baked beans

Happy Monkey strawberry and banana smoothie

Jacket potato and baked beans/roasted veg/houmus without butter

Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry with poppadums instead of naan bread

Onion bhajis

Vegetable samosa



They have a handy leaflet available in their pubs which shows a lot of vegetarian food. Watch out for things like 'mushrooms with butter' - says it's not vegetarian. So do check the leaflet - it aint always too obvious.

From what I can tell all cheese is vegetarian. 





Miso soup

Vegetable firecracker rise

Vegetable yakisoba

Vegetable tempura

Maki/futomaki - cucumber, oshinko, red pepper

Edamame, green beans, aubergine,

Tofu, wakame & cucumber

Crunchy tofu



Pumpkin korroke

Vegetable iso

Nigiri - tamago

Nigiri - roasted red pepper

Hand roll - vegetable

Maki/futomaki - asparagus -  egg

Maki/futomaki - avocado -  egg

Vegetable futomaki





























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