Circus animals? Not in Scotland!



Each year hundreds of animals suffer lives of misery being forced to perform in circus acts in the UK.


Over the years time and time again the cruelty and brutality of this industry has been exposed*. From Trudy the Chimp to Anne and Flora the elephants the horror show keeps on going.


Animals don't perform acts naturally, they're beaten and terrorised into submission for the paying public. In between being paraded out to perform they are transported in cramped vehicles and confined to tiny enclosures and cages. Some animals spend nearly 95% of the their lives tethered by chains.


Scotland for Animals are working to bring this to an end and we need your help.




Above: Still from footage of Rhanee the elephant being violently beaten with an iron bar by trainer Steve Gills of Chipperfields Circus (Animal Defenders International)


If you're a Scottish resident please contact your MSPs and ask them to pledge support for a ban.
You can personalise the following sample letter/ email:
As my Scottish Parliamentary representative I ask that you please pledge to support legislation for the banning of the use of all animals in Circuses in Scotland.
Existing regulations have been proven to be inadequate. As recent high profile investigations have exposed endemic brutality towards animals in circuses I hope you will agree that their use has no place in modern society.
For further information please visit
Go to and follow instructions. This takes literally one minute to complete.
If you're outside Scotland you can contact First Minister Alex Salmond to demand the Scottish Govt. acts for a ban here:
Also get in touch at for our circus campaign leaflets/ posters for your workplace, library, school, college, etc.
Animals don't belong in circuses, let's make it clear those who use them aren't welcome in Scotland.
You can read a sample of scientific/ veterinary reports here and here
Above: Zippos Circus horse training. Note the whip.







Scotland for Animals is completely staffed by unpaid volunteers and receives no Government, lottery, etc. funding. We rely entirely on donations and time given to us by supporters.


We're a grassroots campaigning charity, your charity so if you can donate some time to help in our campaigns no matter how small contact


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Together we can win a cruelty free Scotland.







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Click here to watch 'Earthlings', the groundbreaking film about animal abuse narrated by Joaquin Pheonix