Scotland for Animals are conducting a campaign to get CCTV into all abattoirs in Scotland by law – and we need your help. It’ll only take a minute of your time but it will make a big difference to the 900 million animals slaughtered in abattoirs every year in the UK.


Look to your right on this page and see just some of the deliberate cruelty filmed in our slaughterhouses. We really can't stress how urgently we need to act.



Undercover investigations repeatedly produce footage of animals being beaten, stabbed, burned, electrocuted and enduring terror during the killing process. 9 abattoirs were chosen at random and monitored by our colleagues at Animal Aid – serious and repeated breaches of welfare laws were recorded on film in 8 of them.



UK slaughterhouses are a free-for-all of brutality and violence. You can stop this.


What you can do:


  • Write to your MSPs asking for them to support a legal amendment in order to make CCTV mandatory in all of Scotland's slaughter areas
  • Order our free CCTV campaign materials for your workplace, school, library etc.
  • Ask your family, friends and contacts to get involved.
  • You can ask your MSP to take action – write to them here.There’s no point in us asking you to cut and paste a letter as these get deleted as spam. But don’t let that stop you. Send a short email in your own words expressing:




  1. I am fully in support of Scotland for Animals’ campaign to amend the law to ensure CCTV is installed in all of Scotland’s slaughterhouses.
  2. I ask that as my MSP you do all in your power to ensure that legislation is brought into effect to make legal obligation for the killing process in every slaughterhouse in our country to be monitored by CCTV at all stages.
  3. That you wish to see Scotland for Animals and other highly informed animal welfare agencies (e.g SSPCA) on board to advise and give support.




If you're not a Scottish resident you can still ask the Scottish Government to bring in legislation by contacting First minister Alex salmond here: This is particularly important as Scotland goes to the polls to decide whether to leave the UK, the govt. are famously sensitive to international opinion so your views will count.




The cost to implement mandatory CCTV would be negligable. The union which represents slaughterhouse staff UNISON agrees and supports Scotland for Animals' campaign as does cosmetics giant Lush.



The Scottish Government are working hand in hand with the slaughter industry to keep CCTV out of abattoirs. Money means more to them than the safety of animals and staff.



Scotland for Animals were expelled from the Scottish Parliamentary Group on Animal Welfare for exposing corruption and collusion between government, the slaughter industry and shamefully an animal welfare organisation to blcok attempts to legislate for CCTV.



Mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses may be the only thing that stands between animals and the brutality you see to your right.



They can't speak out, please give them your voice.







Please support us – a Scottish charity. Many animal welfare organisations take funds from Scotland’s citizens but they do absolutely no work up here, nor do they have a clue as to how our Parliamentary system works.


We desperately need funds to make this campaign effective. Please consider making an urgent donation to this campaign – no matter how small. Every penny will go directly towards this – SFA is staffed entirely by volunteers. We take no wages, no expensive offices to run and no staff perks. This ensures 100% of donation goes straight to the 'front line'. Thank you.


If you would like to donate to keep our work going please click below:






Together we can win a cruelty free Scotland.



 A Pig cries out as it's tortured by a slaughterman with electric shocks



 Pigs beaten with a bat




A slaughterman stubs a cigarette out on a Pigs face





A Cow struggles while her legs are hacked off




 A crippled Pig grabbed by the ears and dragged along the floor to it's death



A slaughterman gives a Pig a full punch to the face 



*All stills courtesy Animal Aid. For more and full footage click here